Trinova Energy Services

Providing sales & marketing consulting services to the oil & gas industry.

Acquiring oil & gas properties?

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We offer transaction support, with...

  • Exacting due diligence
  • Negotiation support to ensure you get the best terms possible when acquiring existing production
  • Verification of services costs and commodity pricing
  • Commodity sales monitoring
  • After sale customized reporting
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We help answer your key questions...

  • “What will it cost us to get this product to market?”
  • “What return can we achieve based on the quality of the product?
  • What are the risks and how can we mitigate them?

Need wellhead connections?

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We support your success with...

  • Knowledge of the existing gathering & transportation infrastructure
  • Relationships and knowledge of potential midstream options
  • Negotiating skills for gathering, compression, treating, processing, etc.
Oil rig with vertical pipes ready for loading.

We assist in meeting critical first production deadlines by...

  • Recognizing the necessary processes and demanding the required performance
  • Coordinating the pipeline connection process between the operator and pipeline company

Contact us today to see how we can provide the support you need to make the RIGHT decisions.

Trinova Energy Oil & Gas Sales and Marketing Services

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Commercial Oil & Gas Services Negotiations

As consultants, we are experts at the development of oil & gas service’s contracts. We understand the current market conditions, operations and processes of the service providers.  We leverage this experience and industry knowledge to optimize your revenue and bring added-value to the table before, during and after the negotiations.

Gas processing plant

Gas Processing Arrangements

Gas processing agreements are tightly coupled to the production facilities. Understanding the facilities simplifies the process of developing appropriate processing agreements. TriNova works with many of the current processing plants, product pipelines and fractionation facilities and can develop agreements quickly & efficiently to support your needs.

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Revenue Optimization

Maintaining the status-quo in a fast moving energy commodity business can be challenging. Continuous improvement to optimize your revenue opportunities means that you must periodically evaluate your current positions against market changes.  TriNova prides itself on maintaining an organization that understands current market conditions.

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Oil & Gas Asset Acquisition and Divestment

TriNova has developed the most comprehensive set of proprietary tools to assist in the evaluation of the information contained in most data rooms. Our experience and skills helps us to quickly identify and evaluate the key risk areas and identify valuation issues to help ensure your acquisition success.

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Energy Commodity Sales & Marketing

TriNova Energy Services drives added value to natural gas, crude oil/condensate, natural gas liquids and sulphur for many of its clients.  We work with our clients to help align production sales to viable trading partners by representing the producer in solicitation and negotiation efforts while emphasizing service, performance and competitive pricing.

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Contract Administration

Managing the complex terms & conditions of today’s oil & gas commercial services and sales agreements is a time-consuming and detailed process.  Understanding when to take advantage of key options is critical to optimizinAbout WordPressg the revenue potential of these business relationships.  TriNova Energy Services can manage this process effectively and efficiently to ensure you maximize the value of these relationships. 

Gas well head valves

Gas & Oil Volume Administration

Once you’ve negotiated and executed key oil and gas arrangements and sales agreements you need to closely monitor and continuously evaluate how your volume is being managed.  Our oil & gas marketing services provide the full range of volume administration and management.

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Revenue Reconciliation

Managing revenue against the terms and conditions of your sales agreements and arrangements is critical to ensure that you maximize the opportunity from your oil & gas production. We evaluate every purchaser and counter-party statement  and verify that all pricing aligns with your  agreements’ T’s & C’s. Plus more…

Our Team

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Randy Bartemeyer


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Larry Hinks


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Steve MacDonald


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Kim Clausen

Marketing Analyst

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Cathy Goloway


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Greg Riddick


Mansfield Energy Contacts


Tammy Norman

President, Mansfield Power & Gas


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Marketing Director


Seth Dickey

Marketing Director


What People Are Saying

“It’s my pleasure to recommend TriNova Energy Services for oil and gas marketing services. I have been working with TriNova for about 9 years through multiple entities that I’ve been affiliated with and each time, I return to TriNova to support our marketing efforts. TriNova works as an integral part of our team providing marketing analysis and recommendations on a regular basis. TriNova’s depth of knowledge, analytical capabilities and relationships in the Midstream and Marketing space continue to help us optimize our bottom line. In a market that can often be volatile, TriNova gives me a great deal of confidence in our marketing strategy, whether it’s getting the commodities to market, maintaining quality relationships with purchasers or most of all, negotiating favorable purchaser contracts that protect our company from the various risks in midstream marketing, both short and long term. The folks at TriNova are great and I value my relationship with them.”

Jim Alsup

SVP, Operations, Rio Oil and Gas II, LLC

“Forge Energy has benefited significantly from our relationship with TriNova as they have served as our trusted marketing advisor for the last five years. Every step of the way the TriNova team has acted in Forge’s best interest and worked intently to add value by aggressively pursuing opportunities to improve realizations, negotiating favorable contract terms, and investigating and administering revenue settlement discrepancies. TriNova has also leveraged our team’s time by serving as our interface with purchasers and gatherers, administering reports, and auditing pricing, volume, and processing statements. Finally, TriNova played a key role in developing marketing strategies in new project areas as we grew our company.”

Mark Schumann

Vice President, Operations Engineering, Forge Energy

“TriNova has been an integral part of DGE’s business since inception. From administrative support to strategic market intelligence, our team leans on TriNova’s expertise on a daily basis. We highly recommend TriNova to producers of all sizes to help drive their marketing and midstream efforts.”

Will Sims

Commercial Manager, Deep Gulf Energy Companies