Asset Acquisition and Divestment

TriNova has developed the most comprehensive set of proprietary tools to assist in the evaluation of the information contained in most oil & gas transaction data rooms.
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Buying existing oil & gas assets requires the evaluation of a large amount of information. TriNova has developed the most comprehensive set of proprietary tools to assist in the evaluation of the information contained in most data rooms. Our experience and skills helps us to quickly identify and evaluate the key risk areas and identify valuation issues to help ensure your acquisition success.

We offer proprietary asset analysis tools that...

Cover key issues of the buyer

Provide structure to due diligence

Evaluate market & sales agreements

Help identify critical missing data

Evaluate key risk areas

Asset Acquisition – Data Room Due Diligence & Analysis

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Acquiring oil & gas properties and products requires a complex review of various production and sales data and financial information.  TriNova Energy Services not only understands the commercial data traditionally maintained in Data Rooms by sellers and transaction advisors, but we have the knowledge and experience to evaluate that data for completeness, relevance and integrity.

In our traditional role, we support the buyer by evaluating the data room materials.  We evaluate them based on our vast experience level and previous acquisition support.

Our rigorous due diligence process ensures that all the critically important information is quickly located or identified as missing. Our evaluation process allows us to identify any inconsistencies in the data.

We work with the seller on behalf of the buyer to ensure all the necessary information is available to make informed buying decisions.  We identify and evaluate the data that is critical for valuation, report on any that seems out of place or inconsistent with other data or general industry profiles.

We provide a comprehensive due-diligence report to the buyer. This report is used by the buyer to support their valuation of the opportunity and forms the basis of the negotiation starting positions. As part of our oil & gas asset acquisition services we may include:

Our Services may include the following:

Review of marketing agreements and data to summarize key terms and commitments

Identify and highlight potential for marketing upside values that can drive additional revenues

Assist in valuation of wellhead and pipeline imbalances

Validate the price decks

Support the due diligence process

Organize commercial agreements

Coordinate new payment arrangements

Asset Divestiture – Data Room Services

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TriNova also provides data room services for sellers. We help organize the data, evaluate it to ensure it effectively supports the valuation being proposed for the sales. 

As part of our oil & gas asset divestiture services we:

Organize & characterize all of your commercial agreements for potential buyers

Manage the confidentiality processes to ensure the safety of your data

Identify & manage any requirements for consents to assign & notice provisions of your existing agreements

Organize and prepare all required "Letters-in-Lieu"