Oil & Gas Services Negotiations

We leverage our experience and industry knowledge to optimize your revenue and bring added-value to the table before, during and after the negotiations.

As consultants, we are experts at the development of oil & gas service’s contracts. We understand the current market conditions, operations and processes of the service providers.  We leverage this experience and industry knowledge to optimize your revenue and bring added-value to the table before, during and after the negotiations.

We will also coordinate the timely well connection with the downstream pipeline company and the appropriate operations personnel.

We represent our clients both behind the scenes as consultants and directly at the negotiating table as their agents. Our proprietary negotiation tools ensure we don’t miss key terms and understand all the options available for a given situation. We handle all facets of the service arrangement, including… 

Gas pipelines with valves.


Negotiating a gathering agreement is a critical component of any successful oil & gas production and sales process.  TriNova manages the complete development of your gas gathering agreement and effectively represents you with any pipeline across all the major US basins.  This includes the development of key contract terms, including
  • Commitments for producing wells and dedicated acreage
  • Receipt and Delivery point definitions
  • Benchmark volume definitions & related volume shortfall payments
  • Throughput and Deficiency arrangements
  • Gathering fees and reimbursements
  • Pressure requirements
  • Fuel, Loss and Unaccountable limitations
  • Allocations
  • Measurement
  • Notices
Tanker rail cars on bridge.

Transportation Agreements

TriNova can assist in the development of any oil & gas transportation agreement.  We manage all phases of the negotiations, including representing the owner as an agent (if desired).  We effectively cover all the major terms, including:
  • Daily delivery commitments or obligations
  • Title transfer – Receipt and Delivery
  • Delivery pressures
  • Transportation rates; tariffs and surcharges under firm and interruptible agreements; (costs)
  • Fuel and Loss
  • Quality specifications
  • Quality Bank Adjustments
  • Retrograde Condensate Elections and Allocations
  • Curtailment
  • Allocations & priorities
Gas guage on pipeline.

Gas Compression Services Contracting

Gas gathering may require the use of compression, and negotiating a suitable compression services agreement is critical to the success of moving the production to market.  TriNova Energy Services can manage all aspects of the negotiation and help ensure you get the strongest commitment and support possible from your compression services contractor. We review all aspects of the gas compression services agreement, including:
  • Operating conditions
  • Availability & related downtime credits &  penalties
  • Initial start-up services
  • Fuel usage
  • Maintenance & repairs
  • Costs & billing
    Red valve on gas pipe.

    Gas Treating Agreements

    Pipeline specifications often require producers to control and treat gas before it can be accepted for gathering, transportation and compression.  Knowing who can provide the right services at the best price is critical to optimize the profit from your gas production.  TriNova can help you develop the right agreement for your products.  Whether it’s CO2 or H2S we can help.
    • Quality Specifications and limitations
    • Equipment leasing
    • Start-up services & costs
    • Operator training
    • Full service agreements with existing treatment facilities
      Gas pipelines

      Gas Processing Agreements

      If the gas production requires processing because of dew point requirements or to enhance its value, TriNova negotiates with the gas processor to ensure the client receives the most competitive terms available in that specific area.  This includes the development of key contract terms and financial analysis, including;
      • Negotiation of processing fees either as a percent of proceeds or fee per plant inlet
      • NGL transportation and fractionation agreements
      • Take in kind arrangements, if available
      • Treating fees
      • Plant compression
      • Residue gas return