Tammy Norman

President of Mansfield Power & Gas

Tammy Norman

– President of Mansfield Power & Gas 

As President of Mansfield Power and Gas, LLC, Tammy is responsible for all commercial and operational activities, including strategy, sales & marketing, scheduling, trading, and customer service functions. 

 Tammy is an accomplished, results driven, business executive with broad based expertise leading effective sales, operations, strategy, performance management, and team leadership in support of multi-billion-dollar organizations in the energy industry.  She was named one of the Top Women in Energy in 2021, receiving the President’s Award and one of the Top 15 Business Women of Houston in 2016 by the U.S. National Diversity Council.    

 Mrs. Norman’s expertise in the energy industry sector spans natural gas, power, liquefied natural gas, natural gas liquids, coal and renewable products.  Tammy’s past roles include Vice President of Utility Sales, Power Origination, Mergers and Acquisitions for Shell Energy N.A. and senior leadership roles at RBS Sempra Commodities (and its predecessor company, Sempra Commodities).  Prior to Sempra, Tammy was Head of Global LNG for Dynegy, Inc. where she developed a liquefied natural gas business, later sold to Sempra Energy and renamed Cameron LNG.  Earlier in her career, Tammy was Vice President of U.S. Wholesale Energy Trading and Origination for BP Gas & Power and held various executive roles at its predecessor company, Amoco prior to joining Dynegy.