• Gas Processing Arrangements Evaluation & Elections, Transportation and Fractionation
  • Oil & Gas Sales & Marketing Services Onshore & Offshore | Natural Gas, Crude Oil/Condensate, NGL, Sulphur
  • Oil and Gas Services Negotiations Gathering, Transportation, Compression, Treating & Processing
  • Oil & Gas Volume Administration Gas nominations, Oil scheduling

You'll sleep easy with TriNova Energy Services managing your total gas control.  We take the worry out of managing entitlements, nominations, balancing, imbalance make-up, & cash outs. 

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  1. Entitlements
  2. Nominations
  3. Balancing
  4. Make-up
  5. Imbalances & Cash Outs

Gas Ownership Entitlement Management

Managing the entitlements based on ownership rights effectively helps ensure that all owners receive their share based on their ownership percentage.  When TriNova manages and administers your contracts we manage this ongoing process for your production.  We help ensure that you receive your accurate entitlements and avoid potential costly wellhead imbalances.

Gas Nominations

TriNova's experience & expertise in managing gas sales arrangements allows us to excel at the management of gas nominations.  Whether the request for quantity is for processing, transportation or a specific purchase or sales agreement we can manage the process.

Gas Volume Balancing

TriNova assists in the managing of your natural gas supply to enable you to match daily production with your confirmed pipeline delivery. We help you manage the balancing provisions as set out in your agreements.  We audit any charges that might be assessed and help ensure you maximize your returns.

Gas Volume Make-up

Gas volume arrangements normally allow provisions for make-up in the event of an under-balance situation whether at the wellhead or into the pipeline.   Managing these conditions is important and one of the key services provided by TriNova Energy services.  How this makeup is credited to the customer's account may be determined by regulation or by agreement between the parties. 
TriNova Energy can help you manage these make-up's.

Managing Imbalances & Cash Outs

Managing gas production imbalances requires attention to the details.  Contract terms, regulations, production volumes all have to be understood to effectively manage either volume or cash imbalances.

TriNova's team can effectively help you manage these imbalances and help ensure the right actions are taken on your behalf.

Our Mission

To share our vast knowledge of commercial intelligence and create added value for our business partners; striving for excellence to enable successful growth and accomplishment of their financial goals."

Where We Operate

We operate and provide Oil & Gas Outsourced Marketing Management in most major U.S. Basins

  • Texas & Louisiana Gulf Coast Onshore
  • Offshore Gulf of Mexico - Shelf and Deep-water
  • South Texas including Eagle Ford
  • East Texas, North Louisiana and Arkansas
  • Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle
  • Permian Basin - West Texas and Southeast New Mexico
  • North and Central Texas
  • Alabama and Mississippi
  • Mid-Continent
  • Rocky Mountains